Qingdao West Coast Mt. Pearl Hotel is a modern hotel with great cultural taste. The building area is 43000 square meters and the main building is 21-storey high with 320 guest rooms/suites. Among them, there are 32 self-service guest rooms/suites and every other 10 rooms/suites in Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese decoration styles. The hotel can provide accommodation service for 580 guests at the same time.
     The hotel has four large banquet halls with different styles, eight modernly-decorated meeting/conference rooms/halls, an indoor skylight-style 25-meter long swimming pool, a gymnasium for 25 people to exercise at the same time, and a large parking lot with 360 parking spaces. The hotel can meet the needs of accommodation, banquets and conference reception of various kind. The service objective of the hotel is to have the distinguished guests stay as their first choice the next time they come after they have stayed for once.
     To the east of the hotel is Qianwan Bay and adjacent to the Little Mt. Pearl National AAAA Forest Park scenic spot in the west. To its south is the beautiful Tangdao Bay Park scenery area, while the National-level Sino-Germany Green Ecological Garden is not far in the north. It takes 20 minutes to get to Zhanqiao (Front Sea Pier), the famous landmark scenic spot of Qingdao by crossing the undersea tunnel. It is 15 minutes’ drive to Qingdao Oriental Cinema Capital. The World Animal Natural Eco Museum (national AAAA scenic spot) is just 200 meters away, and the large indoor swimming pool ( 50 meters long and 25 meters wide) is 150 meters away, and the nearest Integrated sports ground is merely 30 meters away. The planetarium and tourist medical examination center are 50 meters away from the hotel. The Affiliated Hospital to Qingdao University, the largest and most modern hospital in the west coast, is 300 meters away and Metro, a large comprehensive supermarket, is only 20 meters away from the hotel. Among them, the World Animal Natural Ecology Museum is a national AAAA-class tourist attraction and national famous science popularization base, with tens of thousands of collections. It is a comprehensive museum with natural ecology, animals, geology, oil paintings and other collections. One of the most distinctive is a couple of polar bears from North America, white rhinos from Africa, elephants and giraffes, kangaroos from Oceania, crested ibises from Asia, alligators and golden monkeys, and thousands of other animals. Besides, there are nearly one thousand original European oil paintings from the 17th to 19th centuries. It is the best place for you and your family to see rare animals, experience exotic wonders and enrich natural art knowledge.

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Catering and Entertainment

豪华极致 百般梦宠
  • Chinese Cuisines
        With Chinese cuisines, we mainly advocate the idea of regimen with "green and healthy food", by using natural organic ingredients, mostly with high-end seafood such as sea cucumber, wild abalone and other seafood like lobster, geoduck, etc., prepared and presented by our famous chefs. As for other raw materials including seafood, livestock, poultry and vegetables, we strictly choose the deep-sea wild fish, high quality free-range livestock and poultry and all organic vegetables to make high end, delicate and healthy dishes and food. With all the rich essence from our basic new school of Shandong cuisines, together with Cantonese, Huaiyang and Sichuan cuisines, we create a combination of green and healthy diet regimen. Meanwhile we strive for perfect artistic display with our dishes and food presented to our guests. With Chinese cuisines, we have 12 banquet rooms ( 8 rooms for 6 to 8 persons each, and 4 rooms for 10 persons each), all decorated elegant, comfortable and leisurely in ancient rhyme. Each room is equipped with a toilet and private space for rest. We aim to give the guests an honorable dining experience with our elegant, personalized and culturally connotative service by our exclusive trained staff. Every dish is made with carefully chosen fine materials and ingredients for pure and decent taste. Colorful and lustrous, delicious and tasteful, the dishes also give you a visual treat. Our friendly and exclusive service just creates a nice atmosphere and an ideal place for you to host banquets for your clients or your distinguished guests.
  • Kyoto Japanese Cuisines
       The guests can taste the Japanese imperial cuisines at this unique Japanese Restaurant in Qingdao. It consists of three rooms (for 6 to10 persons each), one Teppanyaki and one Izakaya. The Japanese cuisines has basically fish, shrimp, shellfish and other seafood products as food ingredients for cooking, with a fresh delicious taste of slight saltiness, sometimes with a slightly sweet, sour and spicy taste. The characteristic of the Japanese cuisines lies in the combination of the lightly seasoned, greaseless, delicate and nutritious food, together with the sense of taste, the sense of sight and the utensils. The guests will enjoy themselves both visually and tastefully with the“artistic conception for imagination rather than the attraction by fragrance”, and the seasonal fresh ingredients skillfully collocated with land delicacies and seafood. All this embodies the fascinating beauty of the Japanese cuisines. The standard Japanese style room is an ideal place for you to enjoy your private banquet. You will have pleasure in the Izakaya with drinks and snacks, while Teppanyaki, to some extent, represents your wealth and status.
  • East Sea Cafeteria
          With our East Sea Cafeteria on the first floor, we aim to create the best breakfast buffet on the west coast. The cafeteria is simply decorated and comfortable, spacious and transparent, with exquisite and beautiful tables. All the rich delicacies of local flavors, the fine and delicate food of Japanese, Korean and Western cuisines with attractive dessert make a combination of Chinese and international cuisines with dishes and food suitable for both the young and the old.
  • Western Restaurant
        The Western Restaurant, with cozy and comfortable environment, mainly provides Angus steak, snowflake beef, chuck, T-steak,with hot and soft drinks, beer, foreign liquor and wine, Western pastries and so on. The guest will enjoy the taste and vision of the food and have a nice time either with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or enjoy a piece of music for leisure here in Mt. Pearl Hotel.

Surrounding Places of the Hotel

豪华极致 百般梦宠